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Tarleton State ProgrammingTarleton State University Architectural Programming Project

Facility Programming & Consulting, in conjunction with Freese and Nichols Inc., recently started a programming project at the Tarleton State University.   Tarleton State University is is located in Stephenville, Texas and is a part of the Texas A&M University System.  The university’s Engineering programs and the Agricultural & Environmental Science programs are proposed to be relocated to the proposed Tarleton Engineering and Agriculture Building.  This proposed building is also expected to be a signature building as well as a gate way to the campus.  The programming effort is proposed to identify the basic programming requirements for those two programs.  There will also be a need to include a list of spaces, brief description of those spaces, adjacency and stacking requirements, and basic site information for the proposed building.  The Facility Programming team includes Jack Joyce (Senior Facility Programmer) and Danté Holmes (Facility Programmer).  For more information on the Facility Programming & Consulting team, click here.


Specific Programming Goals Mentioned:

– The proposed building is no longer going to be called the Gates Building.  The name is to be the Agriculture and Engineering Building.
– The proposed Agriculture and Engineering Building should be built to handle both colleges’ current needs and future growth.
– This new building is planned to be a signature building for the campus and should be designed and programmed as such.
– There will be a need to handle the technology needs of two technology based departments.
– The building will need to account for the deficit in space caused by the planned demolition of the Engineering Technology Building.
– Because the proposed building will house two separate colleges, there should be two separate signature entrances programmed to represent both colleges.
– Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering should be visible as a part of the proposed building due to their subject matter and popularity.

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