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Austin Community Colleges’ Highland Mall RenovationACC's New Upper Airport Blvd. Corridor Campus

Facility Programming and Consulting had the pleasure of working with BGK Architects and Austin Community Colleges in the renovation & redevelopment of the Highland Mall located in Austin, Texas.  We have been a part of the programming and master planning process for the last two and a half years.  Recently there was a ground breaking ceremony and we had our very own Stacey Güney travel to Austin to be a part of the celebration.  Stacey was the head programmer in charge of this project during the two and a half year process and finally seeing the ground breaking is a great accomplishment.  Currently Austin Community Colleges is working to develop one of the anchor spaces into a mixed-use education campus.  After its completion there are plans to transform the entire mall into a campus that serves Austin Community Colleges’ students.

This particular project was featured in a Austin Business Journal article last November.  The article goes into detail about Austin Community Colleges’ redevelopment plans and mentions information about Austin’s “Upper Airport Boulevard Redevelopment Initiative.”

“The Austin Community College board of trustees’ plan to redevelop the 81-acre former Highland Mall includes about 40 acres of dense mixed-use development that will surround the core building containing modern educational facilities and space for an incubator. The transformation will occur over the next decade or so, ACC President and CEO Richard Rhodes said, and will help with an expected surge in jobs in entry-level and midlevel positions that require two-year degrees. But short-term, there are abundant opportunities for those in commercial real estate.” -Austin Business Journal


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