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Facility Programming and Consulting was founded in 1992 with one mission: to seek out and define a problem before attempting to solve it. We emphasize the value of the investigation, analysis, and decision-making prior to beginning any design or master planning project, which is an investment that pays huge dividends over the life of a typical project. Pre-project planning is the one time in any project that has the most direct possibility of saving a lot of money—by reducing future change orders and avoiding other costly or functional mistakes.

We are experts at pre-project planning and master planning because we know how to lead people—and we know that just talking about good ideas isn’t enough. Our process combines the skills of translator, conductor and peacemaker.

  • People tend to speak in the language of their own discipline; we translate between your stakeholders, the architects, and the engineers working on your project to ensure everyone understands each other’s concerns.
  • Like a conductor, we combine the multitude of issues and requirements into a balanced solution.
  • We keep the peace by making sure that everyone has an opportunity to be heard and feels comfortable contributing.