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Douglas H. Lowe, AIA, LEED AP

An architect by degree, Doug specializes in the intricate detailing of architectural programming and facilities master planning. He brings to his work a refreshing, pragmatic approach, which clarifies the sometimes seemingly ambiguous interlacing relationships between the many functions of a proposed facility and the people who will utilize that space. His methods enable the client to explore the definite along with the “What Ifs” and take advantage of his extensive experience as a resource and a soundboard.  Throughout his 39 year career, he has led the programming process for more than 1,000 projects comprised of a variety of higher education, corporate, municipal, and government clients. In 1992, Doug founded Facility Programming and Consulting and continues to lead as the firm’s president. He has spoken at a myriad of state as well as national conferences and is a recognized expert in his field. Doug received his Master of Architecture from Clemson University in 1976.


Terry Phillips
Director of Houston Operations, Senior Facility Planner and Economic Analyst

Terry’s education and professional experience include both architecture and economics. This unique background allows him to define and develop projects with a clear understanding of the financial, operational, or architectural challenges. One of his great strengths is his ability to share his knowledge with clients so that they have a full understanding of the impact of new or renovated facilities. Terry has served as the team leader on over 150 facility feasibility studies. These assessments balance architectural and facility considerations with analysis of the market and financial viability of the project. Terry has extensive experience in architectural programming and master planning at the university and college level.


Bryan Sibille
Director of San Antonio Operations, Senior Facility Programmer and Laboratory Planner

Bryan specializes in interfacing with the facility owners, users, architects and consultants to understand facility needs. Once requirements have been identified and confirmed, Bryan works closely with the stakeholders to ensure that the needs are developed into a program that the architects will utilize to design the facilities. Bryan’s knowledge and experience extend from project planning to program management and the construction of facilities. His “hands-on” experience differentiates him from many other planners and programmers.  His work in the field gives him an edge in understanding of the overall planning trends and helps in determining client needs. Prior to joining Facility Programming, Bryan planned facilities worldwide for firms including Fisher Scientific and Windsor Workspaces.


Jill Bard, AIA
Director, Houston Office, Senior Facility Programmer and Laboratory Planner

Jill has experience programming and designing labs for institutional and higher education clients and has developed an exceptional understanding for maximizing space efficiencies and creating design plans that strive to give clients the most research space per square foot possible. Jill’s institutional research programs reflect the importance of increased efficiency by identifying opportunities to share space and resources, striking a balance between specialized and generic lab spaces as well as providing connections between researchers, their labs and the overall building to promote collaboration.


Katherine McGuyre
Director of Marketing and Business Development

Katherine develops marketing strategies and offers winning insights and critiques for the Facility Programming and Consulting team presentations.  She creates effective and dynamic marketing materials and presentations.