Birmingham City Schools Programming and Efficiency Study​

Facility Programming and Consulting was engaged by the Birmingham City Schools to assist in creating a programming, space analysis, and efficiency study to help guide the school system’s executive team in creating a relocation and consolidation plan for multiple components of the administrative staff. The study analyzes the current administrative spaces and explores options for consolidation and reconfiguration of the six proposed facilities into a minimal number of locations for better efficiency and functionality. The intention of this study was to understand, quantify, and analyze the current spaces utilized by the administrative staff, anticipate future growth, and outline required or desired spaces which will enhance the quality, functionality, and efficiency of the operation. The process of planning a consolidated facility for the Birmingham City Schools administrative staff included five stages of investigation, each of which required a great amount of collaboration and review by the system’s executive team, the Board of Trustees, and study participants. These phases include: Guiding Principles, Vision, and Project Goals; User Questionnaires and Interviews; Facility Tours; Consolidation Option Analysis; Summary of Recommendation.


Birmingham, Alabama

Services Provided

Architectural Programming
Space Utilization Analysis
Needs Assessment