Oak Hills Church

Oak Hills Church began as a small suburban congregation on San Antonio’s northwest side. The church has significantly grown to attendance numbers now of about 5,000 worshipers. Ultimately, Oak Hills has a goal to reach 10,000 worshipers. Although the current facilities have been effective in serving Oak Hills and its congregation, they are spatially inadequate for the current demands of the growing church body. Spaces are overcrowded and create problems during peak times. Each department, or area of worship, has physical deficiencies that prohibit Oak Hill’s worshipers from having the best experience possible. Satisfied members are vital to not only continue to grow but also retain the current attendance numbers and not gradually lose members. This facility strategy defined search area of worship’s current utilized space and their future space needs. With more adequate facilities, the church can better attract and serve its congregation, and ultimately help lead more people to Christ.


San Antonio, Texas

Total Project Cost

$32 Million

Total Gross Square Footage

153,000 GSF

Services Provided

Strategic Facilities Planning
Architectural Programming
Needs Assessment