Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) engaged Facility Programming and Consulting to perform a Space Utilization Analysis, Facility Assessment and Planning Study for the 25 existing PEC facilities throughout twenty-two counties. The Space Assessment identifies considerations that will inform the Planning Assessment, including: how space is currently used; relationships and adjacencies that are critical for success; amount and type of needed space; how divisions / departments need to work; potential space standards; and where opportunities and deficiencies exist.

The Facility Condition Assessment describes and documents in detail the current conditions of the identified twenty-five facilities as well as a security and technology assessment. The Planning Assessment defines the current facility space needs for each of the facilities. This piece of the project determines the highest and best use of each facility, the personnel capacity, and how the facility could be modified to operate more effectively and efficiently.

The information collected in this study provides PEC with the information needed to make future sound decisions related to facility management by providing space usage guidelines, identifying future facility needs and a strategy to accommodate these needs.


Johnson City, Texas

Total Gross Square Footage

238,600 GSF

Services Provided

Master Planning and Support
Architectural Programming
Strategic Facilities Planning
Space Utilization Analysis

Firms Worked With

Lockwood Andrews and Newman